Visual Identity Design

Following on from my brand strategy process, the first step in building your visual presence is for me to create a meaningful, authentic logo to represent your brand.

Your brand is the whole story (or let’s call it ‘personality’) of your business and all it represents. Your logo is the image or wordmark that represents your brand. It is one slice of your overall brand pie!

After we spend time understanding your business needs and establishing the brief for your project, I will design a selection of logo concepts to represent your business.

An effective logo should be simple, memorable, enduring, versatile and appropriate.

Every element of the design needs to be carefully considered, keeping your audience in mind, including the choices around colour, typography, and future applications.

I create a Brand Style Bible for each new brand identity project. It makes life so much simpler when you know the design parameters and operate within a pre-determined style system. Less decision-making for you and your customer!

Mary at work designing