Brand Marketing Collateral Design

Your business has a multitude of touchpoints with your audience.

Basically, everywhere and anywhere that your audience encounters your business is a opportunity to re-inforce your brand message. Many of these are not so obvious and are often overlooked.

The range of possibilities for your customer touchpoint opportunities has greatly expanded in recent times, especially since so many of us were forced to move online in 2020.

The more obvious touchpoints may include your website, your social media accounts, signage, stationery.
Less obvious: on-screen presentations, Zoom backgrounds, video graphics, invoices, email signatures.

Even when business models seem almost identical, your company’s visual presence gives you the opportunity to differentiate from your competitors and to enhance the inherent value of your brand.

As familiarity and trust in your brand grow increasingly stronger over time, it is vital to present a consistent image wherever you appear. Always make it easy for your audience to recognise you no matter where you appear.

It makes your life so much simpler when you know the design parameters and operate within a pre-determined style system. Less decision-making for you and your customer!

Following on from my brand strategy process, the first step in building your visual presence is for me to create a meaningful, authentic logo to represent your brand.

Mary Fleming Brand Designer