New brand design for The Golden Anchor pub and caravan park

 New brand design for the very popular Golden Anchor pub and caravan park . All customer touchpoints to be considered, including signage, advertising, social media posts, menus, staff uniforms.

The Golden Anchor pub Design Brief

Provide ideas for revamping the outdoor area of the pub, to include a smoking shelter. The large outdoor area is comfortable and surrounded by great views.

Design a new logo to reflect the brand of The Golden Anchor – keeping it in line with the existing customer base’s expectations, cohesive with the name and location, timeless looking and tasteful – not overly ‘fancy’/’fussy’ or stylised.


Locals in the 20 mile range of The Golden Anchor pub; summer tourists to the Castletown and Gorey area. Mostly repeat, regular customers.


Primary communication goal:

The Golden Anchor pub is a welcoming, friendly family-owned and operated pub, and is a good venue choice for events. It is not super fancy but instead it is comfortable and familiar. It is a place where you can relax for a few drinks or feel equally comfortable getting dressed up to a have good night out in. Sport is always on offer and/or conversation if you prefer.

Positioning statement:

The Golden Anchor pub is a long-established business, and has a very regular local clientele. With the changes in pub life in Ireland due to Covid, the goal is to position The Golden Anchor pub as the main venue choice for visiting tourists with an upgraded and extended outdoor area. Without alienating the existing clientele, who do not want to see their favourite pub changing dramatically.

Also, to expand the offering with a new motorhome park to cater for the many tourists that visit North Wexford during the summer months.


Competitors include other pubs in the locality and also in the nearby town of Gorey. To some extent, ‘drinking at home’ is also a competing activity for The Golden Anchor pub.



The new logo will replace all the old variations of the old logo. The new branding will be applied across all communications and advertising.

It needs to create a quality association which conveys the desired attributes for the brand of being a fairly traditional, comfortable pub that is welcoming whether you are visiting for a few drinks or a night out in the function room.

The logo needs to work and be legible at both a tiny size and at a very large size (signage). It must also reproduce well on social media and on the website.

Versions of the logo to be developed to be appropriate for usage in different situations. For example, in a horizontal format and in a stacked ‘square’ format, depending on the available space. Also, supplied to the client in various file formats.


Description of the brand personality:

Good drinking pub. Focus is not on food.
Good for a dressy night out, or casual drink.
Sports-oriented vibe.

Key words to be associated with The golden anchor pub:

Family-run, Traditional, Comfortable, Friendly, Familiar, Welcoming, Local, Personable, Family-friendly, Long-standing, Community focus.

Success will be measured through the increased number of visitors and greater recognition of the brand.

The previous branding and logo

The previous branding and logo Golden Anchor
The previous branding and logo Golden Anchor
The previous branding and logo Golden Anchor

Concept Options

The Golden Anchor Pub logo concepts
The Golden Anchor Pub logo concepts
The Golden Anchor Pub logo concepts

Client Feedback

Éilis Kinsella