Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre

Re-brand and refresh existing logo


Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre is a large leisure complex located in County Wexford.

It has three swimming pools, a full gym and exercise training rooms, an outdoor adventure centre and runs a year-round Swimming Academy.

Following on from a fall-off in sales and negative publicity, we explored options for a complete re-brand versus a re-interpretation of the existing logo.

As goodwill and recognition had been built up in the brand, the decision was made to refresh the logo and all customer touchpoints, including signage, advertising, social media posts, brochures, and display materials.

Main entrance Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre

Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre Design Brief

Success will be measured through the increase in gym memberships and numbers of Swim Academy students.


The audience varies according to the different product offering: Swim Academy: families with children of school-going age, particularly women as they make most of the decisions relating to family activities.

Outdoor Adventures: families and teens from a 100 mile radius, tourists to Wexford, school tours.

Primary communication goal:

Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre has something to offer everyone, regardless of age. It is worth coming here for a great day out which is also good value for individuals and families.

The gym is for real people, not the unrealistic body types that feature in social media. It is a very good value product offering and offers generous opening hours with friendly, approachable staff available at all times.

Positioning statement:

Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre Outdoor Adventures is an exciting, good value family day out and desired positioning sees it competing with Tayto Park in the mind of consumers.


Competitors include other ‘day-out with the family’ offerings within a 100 mile radius. As the Outdoor Adventures is seen as weather-dependant, competitors can include other non-activity days-out but which are indoors (shopping, bowling, cinema).

The Swim Academy has few physical competitors, apart from smaller swimming pools in local hotels. A large tract of the students come with their schools so it is important to take care of the teachers and encourage them to continue coming. Students progress through graded swimming programmes. If they complete these before they are ready (due to pressure from parents on instructors to ‘pass’ their child, or rushing a child through grades), this can then result in losing a customer as they’re seen as ‘finished’.

The old logo for Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre was very unbalanced – with the emphasis on the word ‘Courtown’ and the words ‘Adventure & Leisure Centre’ squashed down below. The graphic was too small and disjointed. The re-vamped logo will need to be the cornerstone of all branding and advertising, and be capable of differentiation for the different product offerings, ie the Swim Academy, the Gym, and the Outdoor Adventures.

The logo needs to work and be legible at both a tiny size (on social media) and at a very large size (billboards).

Description of the brand personality:

Honest, family-oriented, generous, exciting, uplifting, environmentally-friendly, cutting-edge.

Key words to be associated with Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre:

Must-visit attraction in Wexford, close to Dublin, variety, happy families, beside the sea, woodland setting, excellence, achievement. Success will be measured through the number of visitors and memberships.


Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre
Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre
Alternative Concept for Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre by Mary Fleming Design

Developed visuals:

For the overall Leisure Centre, the Outdoor Adventure Centre, and the Gym

Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre Swimming Pool logo
Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre Swimming Outdoor Adventures logo
Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre Swimming Gym logo.jpg

Client Feedback

We have used the services of Mary Fleming Design for several years, for designing a wide range of marketing materials and overseeing the production of print and signage. Mary has always been quick to respond and delivers a consistently high standard of design work. She offers great creative advice and has pulled a cohesive look together for all our product offerings.

Margaret Quinn, General Manager Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre