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Logo design

Phyllis Williams-Strawder is the outspoken Ghetto Country Brandmother®, running her business, Brandma’s House.
Based in Texas, USA, she is a leading brand strategist and “shows daring 40+ creative solopreneurs the strategy to scale their flair as brand leaders.”
Brandma's House logo

The Design Brief


Solopreneurs. Aged 40 plus, who have become ‘stuck’ or ‘stagnant’ in their business.

Primary communication goal:

Done-With-You brand strategy that connects the dots of life, brand and business.”


Positioning statement:

Support you so you can THRIVE not just survive


Brand Strategists who cater to larger businesses or who don’t consider the personal life of their client.

Description of the brand personality:

Caring. Love – accompanied by accountability.

Key words:

Safety and support.
Confidence and competence.

Initial sketches / Rough work

Developed visuals

Many thanks to Phyllis for this fabulous feedback

I can’t put into words my overwhelming satisfaction with the logo design Mary created. She listened to who I was, not what I wanted and designed a logo that touched my heart.

I know it sounds sentimental but it was like that. When she explained the reasoning and thought process behind each design choice I was awed by how much she listened to me.

Her ability to translate my words into something tangible and relatable was an experience I didn’t expect. I highly recommend Mary if you want a logo design that speaks volumes.”

Phyllis Williams-Strawder