Philip Sharpe Photography

Brand design with logo, business card and social media assets

Philip Sharpe is a very talented photographer who has a particular grá for Irish wildlife and landscapes. He describes himself as, “a self-taught photographer who is living the dream and loving it!!!”

Philip works to exacting standards and only releases the very best of his photographs. For example, a total of 18 raw photos went into making his 6 ft-wide composite photograph of Lugnaquilla mountain! I felt his logo would need to convey quality and clarity.

I presented four concepts and here is the final concept chosen! Luckily, it is the one I would have chosen also.

Over time and through consistent use, Philip’s logo will help him to grow brand recognition and gain new customers, and differentiate his service in the marketplace.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss designing a logo to reflect your story in a compelling way.

What the clients said:

“Mary is awesome….”

Philip Sharpe Photography brand identity - concept design:
Philip Sharpe Photography concept development
Philip Sharpe Photography brand assets by Mary Fleming Design
Philip Sharpe Photography social media branding by Mary Fleming Design