2022 Wallplanner (A2 x three sections), all profits to the Peter McVerry Trust

Feel utterly organised and on top of things (no matter how forgetful you are or how busy your days are!). It’s a very satisfying feeling indeed and very easy to achieve (double-bonus) when you can see your days and the full year in front of you. No distractions here – I don’t know how many organisers I have bought over the years and become completely sidetracked with the digital versions and frustrated by the lack of space to write on the physical versions.
Whether it’s home or work life, there is plenty of room here to combine both!
I have also included a wide and eclectic range of notable dates, eg international days of celebration, religious days, full moons, and all the usual bank holidays, etc. It is a great tool for helping you with social media content planning – and for generating random ideas for posts.
Designed by me, Mary Fleming, and printed on beautiful matte bond paper stock in Ireland.
Each wallplanner is carefully rolled up, and posted in a cardboard tube.
My 2022 Wallplanner is available in two options:
1) As three A2 sections – which can be organised on your walls in multiple ways to suit your space. The months read across from left to right, i.e. horizontally.
2) As one A1 Wallplanner – the months are arranged vertically, i.e. from top to bottom. Please note that there is slightly less room to write on this one.