an overview of my process:

Initial assessment

We’ll start with a Brand Discovery Session, either in person or over Zoom, to establish where you currently are on your branding journey.

So many people feel a sense of overwhelm at the thought of defining who their brand is, or where to even start!

There is no need to feel that way anymore. You have made a great decision to put your brand front and centre. I am going to help you create a valuable asset which will help you grow your business, with clarity and purpose – your brand!



We’ll chat about your business needs and goals, and get a sense of the scope of your project. I will explain my design process, review all the items that you will receive once the project is complete, and answer any questions you have.

Everything we discuss is completely confidential.

Every project I take on is bespoke to the needs and circumstances of each client. Your journey is unique to you and I am here to 100% support you achieve success in the way that works for you.



Once you have booked with me, we will do some preparation work, following a co-signed contract and deposit. I will send you a short briefing document with questions that help me understand the project and goals of your business.

The time and effort involved are worth their weight in gold as a long-term investment into the success of your business.


Brand Strategy
– bridging the gap from where you are now to where you want to take your business

We will continue to meet for a number of Brand Therapy workshop sessions, to get clarity on who your brand is. We will define your core audience and desired market positioning. I carry out qualitative and quantitative research as part of this work. 

It is so enjoyable (therapeutic even!) as you watch your brand and related collateral come to life! I love to see the sense of confidence and pride that grows from nurturing a brand that is truly yours.

Logo and Brand Identity Design

Following on from the groundwork to define your brand strategy, is the visual design of your brand identity.

This builds on the strong foundation work of our brand strategy sessions, to create an identity which:

– differentiates your brand

– is aligned with your brand strategy

– works hard across all of your customer touchpoints.

After sign-off, I will explain how to use your new brand assets and transfer all the design files to you for your own use, along with clear Brand Strategy and Style Guidelines.



Finally, it’s time to celebrate! It is a great achievement and an excellent reason for generating new energy around your business and marketing.

Mary Fleming video call
Mary Fleming video call
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