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My name is Mary (in case you hadn’t guessed!), and I’m a brand strategist and designer. A fusion of left brain meets right!

My mission is to enable you to STAND TALL and PROUD of your business, by helping you build a standout brand that speaks confidently to your audience. Growing your profitability and brand equity.

I meet a lot of wonderful, talented people who struggle to understand and manage their brand. And let’s face it – there is a lot of confusing advice out there!

How can I help you?

You might relate to one or more of these common scenarios…

  • You know good branding is essential and you would like to be perceived in a certain way.
    You also realise that, ultimately, it is your customers who decide what your brand means in their hearts. However, your efforts to influence that perception may have been haphazard over time.
    As a result, your audience is not clear on ‘who’ your brand is or what you stand for.
  • Maybe you have played it safe up until now by doing the same thing as your competitors? Or you hop in and out of different styles of customer communications? This can include anything from your presentation decks to the tone of voice you use on social media. Your ideal customer cannot see you in the sea of sameness, or is just plain confused.
  • Yes, you absolutely want to present the best possible version of your brand but you realise the need for a guide by your side. You used to think a logo was all you needed for a brand; now you understand that there’s a lot more to it.
  • Your time is always in short supply and at this point, you appreciate that working non-stop to try to get on top of everything on your list is not the way to a happy, balanced life!
  • You don’t know HOW to proceed, and the process feels quite daunting because you lack guidance.

Just because you’re the expert in your field does not mean the onus is on you to be the expert in all adjacent fields (although we sometimes have these mad notions!). Branding is a specialised discipline and building a strong brand takes time, accompanied by a solid plan to do so effectively.

Working with me will enable you to get clarity on your brand essence and personality, and lead to creating designs accompanied by usable strategies to grow your reputation and profitability.

Over time, my work aims to build brand recognition, differentiate your brand in a compelling way, and empower you to succeed from a strong base.

I will be cheering you on!

Mary Fleming Design

What’s important to me?

Having worked in advertising and design agencies in the US and in Ireland, I finally set up my own business in 2013, initially working around my children’s needs. My degree is in Marketing but I have always identified as ‘creative’!

My goal is to help others to have a successful business; I genuinely get a real buzz from seeing good branding change the trajectory of a business.

I love what I do and it is important to me that you enjoy the process of working with me too.

I will always do my utmost to really listen to you and use my creative skills to translate your vision into a clear business solution.

I strive for continuous improvement – both in my professional life and outside of it.

I understand the challenges of getting ‘seen’ in business, and the drive and commitment required for it to succeed. I want to help you with this.

I feel very grateful to be here, doing what I love to do, in a place I love, with people who inspire me!

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Why do I specialise in branding?

Think of some familiar brands in your own daily life – that you barely give a thought to – but still have an emotional connection with…

For example, I am a hardcore Apple customer! I have gone from one iPhone to another. To me, the Apple logo represents trust in a superior product.

This may not even be true, but I believe it is true and that’s the point.

Research has shown that people are prepared to spend considerably more on a brand they trust – over and above a commodity product which may be just as capable.

I can help you to harness the incredible power of your brand to your advantage. Some clients tell me they don’t have a brand and would like to change that. The truth is that they already have a brand but it may be ‘all over the place’! By getting clear on who your brand is, I can empower you to grow your business profitably and help you make the leap from where you are now to where you want to go.

Your logo is just one part of your brand
Level C Certified Brand Specialist
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“The criteria I value most in a designer:

      • Creativity.
      • Listening to what I want (not telling me).
      • Understanding the brief.
      • Reliability. 

      Mary Fleming delivers on all of these.”

Deirdre O’Flynn, Spellcheck.ie

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