Get the brain brand buzzing!
Brand design requires coffee

I hope there’s coffee in heaven or whatever comes after this life 🤞

Maybe nothing, maybe something.
That’s for another day though.

We hear so much about * habits *…

how to make them,
how to break them,
how to build on them,
how to be strategic with them,
how to be clever and stack them.

Especially now as we head towards the start of a new year.

I’ve tried to shift a few of my own and add others on, with varying amounts of success!

This one seems to be my most successful and unbreakable morning ritual.
Not particularly healthy (more’s the pity) but so enjoyable ☕️

It grounds me (pardon the pun!) like yoga for other people. 🧘🏽‍♀️

Have you got something that you always do, with no effort, no matter what else happens?!

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