The Power of Your Brand
The Power of Your Brand, talk a the VBC Network event in Cork

I honestly wasn’t expecting this networking event where I presented my talk, The Power of Your Brand, to be so much fun! I am on a journey to improve my nerves around public speaking and found myself fully enjoying every bit of this event.

Thanks to everyone who came along and/or supported the Crann Centre VBC event at the Imperial Hotel in Cork.

There was lots of inspiration throughout the day, thanks especially to Gareth O’Callaghan and John Mullins for sharing their stories.

Here are the last few ‘stragglers’ after MICHAEL KEATING’s unique and heartfelt presentation – Alan Hennessy – The Digital Mentor, Paul Murphy, Amanda Stavrovska, Cara Martin, Eoin Lynch, Keith Harrington, Louise Lally, Amit Wadhwa, Target Integration.

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