Patterns in Nature, Power and Peace

“Patterns connect us from the inside out”, Maggie McNab, author of the wonderful book, ‘Design by Nature’.

Patterns are all around us in nature and are also within us. We innately recognise them and they are universally relevant.

Maggie McNabb tells us that when you perceive pattern, you already have an idea of what’s coming next because an expectation has been set up through repetition.

Nature is so soothing to us because it brings us back to our core – with fractals all around us that we evolved with as humans. According to Psychology Today, being surrounded by fractals in nature can reduce stress levels by 60%, increasing alpha brain waves, as well as blood flow, to the parahippocampus and other areas of the brain that regulate emotions!

I find webs very soothing, and so amazing to look at – even though I am a bit of a arachnaphobe (working on it though!). How about you, are there patterns you love and find calming?

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