My Logo!

My logo means a lot to me personally.
(Sidenote: it took me a long time to design an identity for myself – I’m a tough client to work with!)

🪴 I often work with people who are reluctant about promoting their talents or who lack the right ingredients for growth and cultivation. 

“Your business is not an entity but a living organism.” Marty Neumier. 

My role is to listen carefully in order to understand how you feel about your business, what it means to you and where you would like to take it.

🌤 I then shine some warmth on this, add nutrients and carefully nurture this idea! So starts the process of bringing your brand strategy to life and fullness. 

The leaf in my logo is from the birch tree. It is my favourite species for lots of reasons. 

Typically, it tends to self-seed with ease if left to its own devices. The leaves almost sparkle in light wind and sunshine passes through effortlessly to the understory, creating a gorgeous pattern on the ground. So, visually it’s very appealing and light in presence.

👑 In a forest of trees, birch trees are known as the pioneers, making way for the oaks, chestnut, beech and other long-growing beauties. They don’t overshadow the understory and so other plants can thrive alongside them. 

In my view, a person or business’s success does not need to be at the cost of others around them.

Trying to live in harmony with the environment is very important to me, as is helping clients to reach their full potential in a way that feels true to them.

PS Get in touch if you would like to chat about your brand 🙂

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