Is ‘brand’ another word for logo?

The short response to this is, ‘no’!

You have probably heard both of these terms used interchangeably, all over the place. I know I have and it’s certainly confusing. Sometimes, the professionals will use the word logo instead of brand because it’s simpler for their audience.

Anyhoo, to clear this matter up…

Brand or Logo? Confusion!

Your logo is just one part of your brand.

If I was to draw this out as a pie diagram of a brand, you can see that your logo is one slice of the pie.

Your logo may be a symbol plus type, or be purely typographic.

The Golden Anchor - brand guidelines
The Golden Anchor – brand guidelines

Your logo is an identification tool for your business/brand. I’d like to add here that it is not meant to be an encyclopedia of your services/products!

Along with your logo [which should be used consistently] the ingredients of a brand are: 

– your visuals [images and graphics that you use]. 

– your messaging [what you’re saying and how you’re saying it] 

– your brand strategy [the direction you’re taking your brand in].

Each of these brand ingredients deserves to be thought through and be cohesive with one another.

As an example, if I was to compare a brand to a type of person, you would not expect a sweet-looking old lady (symbol) who loves her bingo and cups of tea (visuals) to be raising all kinds of hell on her way home (messaging)! I don’t even know why this is the example I am coming up with – no offence meant to old ladies, I hope to be one myself 😉

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