5 Simple Tips for more energy!
simple tips for more energy to do what you love

I learned the following tips from Ciara Beaugé, a nutritionist based in County Wicklow! No matter what kind of lifestyle you have or how much you like to get done in a day, these are all very doable. I know this because I am doing them myself!

Gut microbes are very important to how you feel and function. And unlike so many other tips, they are very easy to ‘get right’.

1. Add apple cider vinegar to your diet.
It stimulates digestion. One teaspoon 5-10 minutes before a meal – neat or diluted in water.

2. Eat between 7 – 10 servings of colourful veg and fruit per day.
(limit to 2 x fruit as it contains too much sugar, even if it is natural). Most people don’t get enough fibre and this fixes that. It also keeps the gut lining healthy. Vegetables are a prebiotic! Green veg and beetroot are good for bile production – and bile breaks down fat.

3. Eat fermented foods – ie probiotics.
These include live yogurt, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut. The Cultured Food Company make a great sauerkraut which is available on the Food Academy shelves of SuperValu – one forkful every three days is sufficient but it is very tasty so you will probably want more than this!

4. Eat healing foods.
Anti-inflammatory foods heal the gut. Two easy examples include bone broth and stewed bramley apples. A dessert of stewed bramley apple, sprinked with live yogurt and cinnamon is great for your gut flora and for regulating blood sugar.

5. Keep hydrated.
Besides water, drink Pukka After-Dinner tea, and mint & ginger tea. Ginger is pro-kinetic.

If you prefer to take a supplement to kickstart things, Udo’s Choice ‘Super 8s’ are recommended as an excellent probiotic. https://ciarabeaugenutrition.com

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